Engineered audio solutions by...

Barry Watson, with over 25 years of experience in pro-audio, live sound reinforcement, and recording.

Located near Stillwater MN and serving the Twin Cities metro region.

Live Sound Reinforcement
Quality sound services for bands, groups, or corporate functions that are looking for excellent sound.

Articulate and consistent sound
for shows both large and small.

If you have your own sound system and just need someone with experience to operate it, or would like some hands-on assistance or advice, I can also do that.

Location Audio/Video Recording
Performances are special moments, and they deserve a recording that can showcase the performance.

I can provide a produced video or audio recording of your group that helps you market above your competition, or just save a memory, at an affordable price.

Venue Engineering
The 2014 Zagat restaurant survey, identified the top complaint that caused patrons to fail to return. It wasn't food quality or service, it was an uncomfortable noisy atmosphere.

Many venue owners desire a busy, active atmosphere while patrons complain that it's "too loud", or the entertainment doesn't "sound good". Patrons may not even be aware of the issue, they just know they want to leave.

Often, the noise level is only part of the issue. The primary issue is the actual character of the sound. A poor sounding room is a very stressful environment. Stressed people buy less, leave early, and don't come back.

If you hire live entertainment, we can provide sound system upgrades and calibration, or a complete audio, lighting, and staging design that will give your patrons the kind of quality show that attracts more people, attracts better entertainment, makes it easier for entertainers to perform at their best, and will help you get more return for your entertainment expense.

A understanding of the psychological impact of a rooms acoustical character, and making the appropriate corrections will result in more revenue and/or better staff performance. This is true for all spaces including restaurants, sports-bars, venues with live entertainment, fitness clubs, or even your corporate boardroom.

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